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What We Catch | Late Spring - Late Fall

Down the Bayou offers cobia fishing charters that will stock your freezer with the versatile and delicious fillets of the cobia. Also known as lemon fish or ling, cobia are very unique fish.  They migrate the entire gulf yearly.  They will start showing up in late spring and stay around until late fall.  Cobia fishing in Louisiana usually involves catching them off oil rigs or floating debris in the open ocean. Some days they can be picky eaters and other days it doesn’t matter what you throw at them.

Cobias usually travel in schools, so if you hook one during one of our cobia fishing charters, be prepared for a podnah or two to swim by in curiosity.  They look similar to a shark, but don’t be shocked when we start shouting “cobia, cobia” when one swims by the boat to take a better look at us.  Cobia can get as big as 100 pounds, but they average around 40 pounds, so you’re sure to be satisfied with your haul after cobia fishing in Louisiana.

Cobia Fishing Charter

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