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Take a grouper fishing charter with Down the Bayou to experience the best-eating fish out there!  There are dozens of species of grouper in the Gulf, but the best-eating are snowy, yellowedge, and scamp grouper.  Grouper fishing in Louisiana involves scouring the deep rocks, ledges, wrecks, and mud lumps from depths anywhere between 300 to 900 feet.

The grouper bite all year round, from January to December, so there’s no bad time to take a grouper fishing charter and get some of the finest fillets for yourself.  The biggest grouper that lives in the Gulf is called a Warsaw grouper and can reach up to 400 pounds.  We can use either electric reels or conventional reels upon request—we’re here to provide the know-how and to make this trip as enjoyable as possible.  Just remember, when it comes to group

Grouper Fishing charters

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