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Catch the most unique fish in the Gulf of Mexico on one of Down the Bayou’s swordfish fishing charters in Louisiana. Swordfish are the meanest, strongest, smartest, and one of the tastiest fish out there—which makes them an enticingly difficult target. They can jump out the water repeatedly then swim down and almost spool you after they are hooked.

They can be found on the surface or at the bottom in over 1,500 feet of water!  We offer both daytime and nighttime swordfish fishing trips.  During the day, we have to drop all the way to the bottom for these guys.  Night fishing is usually done on the surface or a few hundred feet below where they come to feed with the cover of darkness.

If you land a catch during one of our swordfish fishing trips, consider yourself an excellent angler!  Swordfish can reach 800 pounds, so be prepared for battle when one of these guys hits the squid.

Experience the unrivalled intensity of the swordfish while aboard one of our swordfish fishing charters in Louisiana.

Broadbill Swordfish

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