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Come and experience Down the Bayou’s tilefish fishing charter. You wouldn’t think that fish can live in complete darkness, but these guys do. Dwelling on the bottom in 800 feet of more, the Golden Tilefish thrives.  They live in mud burrows on the ocean floor feeding on squid, shrimp, and other crustaceans that pass by in the darkness. Our tilefish fishing charters normally use electric reels to fish for these fellas, but you are more than welcome to crank one of these guys up by hand! These guys tend to dwell in the deeps, so it can take a long while to reel them back up to the surface.

Tilefish fishing in Louisiana is best in the summer months, but we aren’t afraid to target them whenever we get the chance. Tilefish are considered to be in the category of grouper in regard to table fair. Take a trip tilefish fishing in Louisiana to bring one of these fillets home—you’ll be craving more!


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