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What We Catch | February, March, or April

Take a wahoo fishing charter with Down the Bayou to see what all the fuss is about. With top speeds of 50 MPH, a wahoo can make you and your drag scream! Wahoo fishing in Grand Isle, Louisiana, provides one of our most action-packed adventures. When they bite, they BITE!  It’s best to take a wahoo fishing charter in February, March, or April.

We know where they school up this time of the year and its game over for them.  Trolling is the best way to fish for them, but sometimes we will try live baiting and chumming.  Unlike tuna, wahoo have white meat.  Like tuna, you can eat wahoo meat raw and boy is it tasty.  Wahoo can grow bigger than 100 pounds, but the average size is around 50.  Wahoo fishing in Grand Isle, Louisiana, is a blast—and, at Down the Bayou, our experts make it even better.

Wahoo Fishing Charter

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