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What We Catch | September - November

The Yellowfin Tuna is an incredibly designed creature, and the strongest fighting fish in the Gulf of Mexico. Once you see the long yellow sickle fins from the deck of our yellowfin tuna fishing charter, you’ll understand the name. Be prepared for a duel when a yellowfin is on the other end of your line!  Yellowfin tuna fishing in Louisiana is no easy or simple task, as the yellowfin can weigh in at upwards of 250 pounds here in the Gulf. Yellowfin tuna can also fight for over three hours, so that makes the task a bit more difficult as well.  The great thing about yellowfin tuna is that you can catch them all year long.  Every month is a great time to target them.  The summer months are the most popular for yellowfin tuna fishing in Louisiana, and the strategy consists of live-baiting the offshore floating platforms in thousands of feet of water.

Taking our yellowfin tuna fishing charter in September to November is your best chance to catch a big boy.  During this time, we will be fishing the shrimp boats along the continental shelf.  From January to April, we will be fishing the lumps out of the mouth of the Mississippi River.  Bring a big ice chest if you chose to target these guys because they yield up to 70 percent of their body weight in filleted meat!


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